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The Clean can be described as the big brother to the delicate Snatch. It's a Weightlifting movement that allows the lifter to lift considerably more weight, should you choose. Does this mean it requires less technique? Of course not! The Clean needs the same time, attention, and refinement as the Snatch. This mini-course was developed to enhance and refine the technique of the Clean. Using a combination of lecture-based and practical videos, you will learn how to effectively progress and coach yourself or others through performing the Clean. Whether you are a coach, athlete, fitness enthusiast, or someone developing a new interest in weightlifting this course will benefit your strength training journey.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and master the positions of the clean
  • Realize what compensations can reduce performance
  • Separate the clean into smaller actions, making the entire lift more manageable
  • Learn a systematic and repeatable process for instructing the snatch
  • Utilize multiple drills to refine clean technique

Course Content

Cleaning up the Clean

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